The painting above is a depiction of Psyche, the all beautiful Greek goddess whose name
means soul. It’s from the works of Joesphine Wall

I chose this for the heading because the work this site is devoted to is the work of becoming whole, integrated, wild, spontaneous, and authentic human beings.It is the focus of my book, Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart

Nature, Intimacy and Sexual Energy. In many ways, soul has been trapped in cultural bondage and it is the work set before each of us to wake her up, to free her from structures of consciousness which have repressed and oppressed the soul.

Psyche is seen sleeping. She sleeps until some intrusion into our life begins to tug at our sleeping, or unconscious, state of being.

Anytime Eros, also known as Cupid, the God of sexual love and attraction, lust even, gets tangled up in our lives, Psyche begins stirring in our interior house.

Anytime we fall hopelessly, helplessly in love, or we are moody, irritable, sad, uncertain, bitchy even, we become reflective, self-examining, in internal workings.

This site is devoted to exploring the interior nature and adventure of being a human being, or more accurately, becoming one.


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